The concept of Life coaching

I started this blog so that I could find a meaningful way of expressing myself without the limited words of a tweat. I have always been known as verbose, wordy,etc. and using twitter kinda frustrated me.
I spent almost 30 years as a high school teacher and 10 years in the business world. When I retired from teaching (my passion),
I needed to continue to reach out and help people. I have a dear friend, Akua Afiriyie Bediako, who gave some of us the “Passion Test”. It was so impressive, I became interested in doing other things that could also help people. She showed me the idea of Life Coaching. I was overwhelmed with a sense of purpose. For that, among the many other things that Akua helped me with on this journey, I will be forever grateful. By the way, Akua is also a successful life coach..Ayo! Living Life in Joy!
Another person who had an impact on me was Gloria Rodriquez with DeAlmas. I attended several of her workshops and was truly inspired and motivated to go about living my best life.
My Godmother, Oseye McHawi, continued to push and inspire me every year to “Do your own thing, girl. You can do it!” For her constant encouragement and love, I thank her.
My other Godmother, Lorraine Melendez, helped me get past the idea of ” can I really do these things to help others” and we continue to encourage each other.  Her specialty is Reiki and Crystals called

Amber Radiance“. She is part muse and part cheerleader.

Then, there is the wonderful people I have met in Amherst, Massachusetts where I now reside happily! I left New York after an unnecessarily nasty divorce (unfortunately, most divorces seem to be nasty and lengthy!). I wanted to experience my grandchildren growing up and help out my daughter and son-in-law.

Life Coaching: what is it? It’s definitely a relatively new “buzz” word.  But, often when something is new, it is often misunderstood.  We are definitely not psychiatrists, psychologists or therapists (although, I have met those who are therapists in their own right and are also coaches – wow to them).  We LISTEN to you. We listen like no one else listens to you.  We are interested in everything you say. Our purpose is to help you with perspective.  It is problem solving through a powerful process of communication.  Most people have their own answers. But, it is often helpful to have some other perspective and encouragement in finding those answers.

Can one make a lot of money this way? Yes, and many do quite well. Is that my main goal. Fortunately, it is not.  My goal is to continue to use everything I have learned on my life journey to help or enlighten someone else. I will accept making money, if that is what happens. But, that will never be my ultimate motivation as a coach.

So, for those who wish to follow me: Welcome! I hope I say things that inspire you, make you think,or help you in any way. Here go my beginning baby steps…


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