Playing Politics with People’s Lives!

I have much concern these days as I look at the Republican primary. Much has been said by Mitt, Rick, Newt and Ron that makes me hope and pray that they never become President of the United States. No president has been perfect by any means.  As much as I like President Obama and will be voting for him in 2012, I do not agree with all of his policies.  But, I believe that he has a genuine belief in this country and in the betterment of all people (even the wealthy).  What is not clear to me is the constant references to our current president ( Barak Obama) questioning  his citizenship, his religion, his ideas and heart for the people of the United States.

Well folks, the man really does not walk on water and he is not the second coming.  But, if we really want to see change and not so much compromising, we had better change the outlook of Congress (both Senate and House) in  2012.  Even a president as smart as Pres. Obama cannot push legislation through when he has a Congress that would rather see the country fail than the President succeed.  I was never a fan of Pres. Bush (W), but I did not want the country to fail, just to prove I was right about him not being the right kind of president for that time.  He proved that himself! But, had he succeeded, I would have been glad for the sake of all those who eventually lost and could not find employment, for those who could not get good medical care, for children of immigrants who cannot continue their education because they are undocumented, for all those who fell below the poverty line because of the forwarding of policies that hurt most of us.

Please people take a look at what people are saying about women’s reproductive rights, about social security and medicare, about education and business and especially about Affordable Health Care! Please stop trying to destroy the Black guy and care about the majority of us in this country….


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