A Season of Hope and Spring

I was thinking this weekend about so much around us that is good.  That can often be difficult because there is so much saddness, anger, bad words from adult people.  We have racism. We have bigotry against gay people, liberals, women, education, helping others just because… Where can HOPE come from.

Hope comes from friends and neighbors checking on you to see if you are all right.  Last year, I had only  lived in Massachusetts for 5 months, when I came down with the flu. (And yes, I did have a flu shot).  I was one of those people who got another strain.  I had met people and some I knew from my previous visits here.  At least 3-4 people checked on me every day! Can I begin to explain what that does to one’s spirit. It was incredible. I believe we care about each other.  We just don’t always know how to show it.

Hope comes from family near and far.  Now, I moved to Massachusetts to be near my family (especially my grandchildren!). But, I have a wonderful aunt, Theda, who will be 91 this July.  She’s in Texas with her oldest daughter and one of my closest friends (and cousin). I keep in touch with as many of the relatives that are left in my family.  Then there is adopted family.  That is a blessing right there.  If your parents are gone and you have children, adopt an elder and treat her and/or him like “Grandma” or “Grandpa”. It is so essential for the young to connect with the elders!

Hope comes from youth.  I know we think all of our youth are uncaring and uninvolved.  But, I beg to differ with you.  I have watched youth caring about so many things (including parents, grandparents, and other elders).They just need guidance and some suggestions as to where to look.  That comes from us.  Then, they need listening from us.  Wow! They have so much to say and they do care about their communities and the state of the world now and the future. Ask them (after you get to know them) and you will be wonderfully surprised.

Hope is in each other-friends, family, acquaintances, business people, neighbors, everyone.  Most everybody responds well to a smile. Think about what you are grateful for. It could be that you are alive, your child said something nice, a friend gave you a hug, you had a positive impact on someone, you are just “you” !

Hope is just being alive as we approach springtime and the budding of new beginnings in our lives. I have hope and I know that all will be well with us no matter what we have wrong with us.  Find the good and great things in your life and dwell on them (a lot).  Watch out, more good and great things will be happening to you. Watch for that door opening. Don’t be afraid to go through it…it’s opportunity.  Opportunity to start a business, make a friend, help someone else, make someone smile…it opens the rest of your life! What an adventure to have! What a life to lead!

Help me continue to promote a season of Hope and Spring…


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