Lifestyle Coaching

As I prepare to offer a workshop in May, I have had many thoughts running through my mind.The “Why am I doing this?” phrase has been placed in the closet to be given to good will.  I know why I want to do this. I want to help people!  I have done a lot of things, had many experiences (good and not so good), have solved many problems, listened to peers and students and friends and family.  So, I think I can do this. This new chapter in my life is called Life Coaching.  It is not in the pursuit of money and fame.  But, it is in the fulfillment of a life goal.  I became a certified life coach in 2010.  I have read, talked, taken courses,listened to other gurus, consulted with those I trust…now it is time for me to step up and do this.

My first workshop will be about stress. It is called “Spinning in Place: finding one’s balance”. It is currently directed at women.  I absolutely want to help women. But, would not be opposed to helping men too.  It is just that I have a comfort zone right now with women. But, the way things are going in my life, I would not be surprised if I had coed audiences this year!

I am excited, nervous, happy, and starting to feel a completion happening in my life.  So, I will update the preparation process for anyone interested in making new starts.

My company’s name is  In My Own Voice.  Wish me luck…


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