Evolving beyond Ego…

I just started a course this week. It is to help me evolve past ego.  Now in this cynical world in which we live, I realize many will start humming the “Twilight Zone” or roll their eyes.  But, I think that in order to take on the task to coach other people is a real responsibility.  When I taught about politics, I read current books from various points of view. I felt I needed to know and think about many things while introducing political topics to my classes. Well, as a Life Coach, I also feel the need to reinforce ideas, to learn about meditation, to understand what ego is and how it often gets in the way ( of coaches as well as clients!).  So to develop in any way I can, I decided to take this 9 week course!

What an experience so far!! I feel connected already with so many people.  I will not be able to discuss any details of what we as a group talk about. But, I can talk about my feelings and what I am getting out of this. I hope to open myself and get rid of all the unnecessary baggage I carry about relationships or partnerships, power, different types of people.  And instead fill my life with positive feelings and ideas that will help to inspire me to ask the right questions of my clients and help them find the path they wish to take.

It’s late and I must get some rest before I go to the pool to exercise in the morning. Goodnight and wishing all good evolving in your lives…



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