Happy Mother’s Day…

Today, I celebrate motherhood.  Yes, I have one child and she is my blessing and joy! But, I am a mother in so many ways.  I have my other children like Ernestine, Ebony,Tiffany and I have so many young people that I helped, loved, taught, facilitated, etc. Being a mother is the greatest gift from the universe and I celebrate this every day.

My Mother is no longer on this side.  She left on March 11, 1999. But, she never left me.  She is with me when I am happy (which is most of the time), she is with me when I am sad or sick or confused.  A mother’s  gift is tha she never leaves. Her words of wisdom, her sarcasms, her wit, her jokes, her ideas, her caring, her tears, her laughter, HER LOVE… Wow! I am getting goose bumps just thinking about her.  She is laughing now, saying, “girl what are you doing writing this stuff on the computer?”

I have also had other mothers and older sisters : Mama Robinson – thank you for being with me so long and helping me through so much in life and this wonderful religious experience- rest in Peace.  Miss Kay: thank you for being a phone call away and for genuinelly making me laugh (even when I might not have wanted to). Thank you for your outlook and living an authentic life- its sets such a high standard for the rest of us. Be well and I cannot wait until we get to spend time in Brazil together again! Know that you are loved by many. Oseye Mchawi, my godmother.  You have seen me through thick and thin, though doubts and fears, through happy times and sad. I am so blessed with your friendship and goodness and sacrifice. I don’t think I tell you enough how special you are to me. I love you. Continue to be well. Happy Mother’s Day to you.  Theda Goodwyn…you are my other mother. I pray you stay with us in good health. I miss seeing you as often as I did. I guess I will have to come to Texas on the regular.  You mean so much to me. I am so glad you are with your daughter, San (also my life best friend) , my cousin.  You bring her as much happiness as she brings you. Bless you. Mama Wambui (this is hard) You are with me also every day.  You were always there for me. I did not realize how much I would miss you.  It was like losing my mom all over again. I know you are in a good place because I feel you often when I need to. May you know how many lives you touched. My biggest regret is my grandchildren will not know you!

To all the women in my life who have reached out and touched me, my old and new friends, my godsisters, my colleagues, my former students, and the young people that touch my life daily.. you have enriched me so much I cannot begin to express it.

To my daughter, Whitney, my heart. You have made me so proud. Mostly as a mother and wife- you work at both.  I am proud of your parenting and the joint parenting I see regularly at your house. You chose well! Be well and have a Happy Mother’s Day, every day.

To ME: We’ve had an interesting life so far.  It is has had tragedies, happinesses, losses and gains. But, it has always been interesting. I am proud to have mothered so many and I am proud to be a woman today!



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