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Some of Life’s Pauses…

Hello All! Sorry it has been a while since my last blog…confession???  But, life often creates “pauses” that do not allow one to go on as usual.

One pause was “my Virus”. I call it that because it took over my body and stayed there.  First, I had fever (something I rarely have) and sluggishness. Next, my throat was very sore and swallowing was hard and finally, my eyes were beet red (I was afraid a demon had taken over my body…too many horror movies). My daughter took me to the urgent care.  They decided that I needed to go to the emergency room of our local hospital by ambulance. The good thing about that was I got to part traffic from Amherst to Northampton with two cute and very nice firemen.  I try to find good things about all experiences!

I arrived at the hospital.  They examined me, gave me an EKG, X-Ray, took blood,etc. and decided to keep me. Well, I thought I would go to urgent care, get some pills and go home and sleep. Staying in a hospital is probably one of the least favorite things.  I had cable tv and my daughter ( although, I think she liked the cable). How do you sleep in a hospital…you don’t. They are either taking blood, vital signs or asking questions. I stayed for 2 days.

They told me to go home and get as much bed rest as possible! (This to someone who had been in bed for two solid days at home and 2 days at the hospital). I had been attacked by a virus in my throat, eyes,etc.  Now I began to talk to the virus. I asked it why now? I was healthier than I had been in 20 years, losing weight and generally happy..The Virus said “Why not?” “If I attack a sickly person and they die, I die”.  Now obviously I was in need of bed rest because I was talking to a virus and it was answering.   It caused a pause in my busy life. Pause is good. It allows for reflection and meditation like nothing else can. I used my singing bowl and meditated at my spiritual place, ate a lot of soup, fruit.  I got flowers and soup and cards and visits (short ones) from people and phone calls from friends,etc.  All of that made me feel so much better. I decided to relax and get well.

I am still getting my stamina back. And, when I went to a luncheon, people were glad to see me. When I returned to my pool class, there were joyful greetings.  My grandchildren were glad that I was taking them to their swimming lessons (I get in the water with them and cheer them up and down the full length of the pool as only a grandparent would!) And, my godmother and friends were happy that I was better.  I am so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life…

I am taking a class in Evolving Enlightenment.  If you don’t understand that, don’t worry. It makes sense to me and I will be happy to explain it one day soon.  But, what it does for me is allow me to look at myself and find a way to examine how to have my life one of more caring. It is not all about me, but about the world.  My life is not my own. It is meant to be a spiritual, evolving life that will help the world. What a great way to approach things. Yes, Mama Oseye, so many of your words to me are making more sense! 🙂 When you pursue a spiritual path, you help others. Even if you don’t always know who they are or will be. 

But, it also changes how you examine your own life. You don’t worry as much. You look at the blessings of being able to “show up” and impact the world (not arrogantly, but spiritually). And you just realize how awesome life really is for you.

I am a life coach. I want to be prepared to be the best I can be for those I serve. I am so appreciative for all those who have touched me and guided me through so many things. First my parents, my Godmother(Oseye), my Ojo bona (both Wambui and Lorraine), my daughter, Whitney, My son-in-law, Trevor. People in my religious Egbe such as Aida, Roberta, Ayoka, Monique, Jackie,Oseye (again), Reggie, Miss Kay, and on. My friends and elders like Akua Afiriyie, Lydia, Sauda Smith, Kokovah, Ebony,Naiyah, Alex,Gail, Jude,Tiffany, Carol Kreisman, Carolyn Jones, Cecilia, Ann Burton, Judy, Leona, Naima Champ and Nai’yimah Muhammed, Lois Smith, Sue Lowenstein,Pam, My BFFF’s Sandra, Marshan, Ruthie and Wave (who we just lost in March)…I am really grateful for the lessons and there are so many others including my grands who show me everyday how special being a grandmother is.

So when life throws you a pause, enjoy it, learn from it, revel in it and take something good away from it.

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