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Fall 2012 – Really??

It has been a long time since my last post.  I have healed from my virus attack and I went on a wonderful trip to Brazil. I returned, mildly tanned and happy.

Next, dental surgery! I needed to do this. The good news: it was less pain than I imagined (even the after effects- or is that because for me 2 Alleve is equivalent to Oxycodin to others???) . I am adjusting.

I went to have a physical exam. They gave me two shots (whew!) But, My doctor and I celebrated my no longer being pre-diabetic, losing 6 pounds since August, my cholesterol went down 30 points…etc. It was paradise on earth and I am grateful.

I do aqua aerobics in the morning…that is exercise in the pool.  When I get into the pool, I am greeted by other women and some men with smiles and good mornings ( I think it is a celebration that we are getting into a pool at 8:30 am and it is good for us)…It really does start my day.

Right now, I have a visitor from Paris, France. Someone I have known for over 30 years.  As we get older, I think we tend to forget how to be kind and somewhat polite (or is this a “French” thing.  She thought I lived in Boston (even though I told her I was over 2 hours from there by car) and to her that was New England.  She was depressed and sad with Amherst and did not know what to do.  I traded in on our 30+ years of friendship and swallowed my annoyance and planned other things for her.  My friend, Anne, took us on a wonderful adventure to Smith College (Plant house & gardens), Yankee Candle, Old Historic Deerfield, and Kringle candle… and we ended up at the Whatley Inn (very New England)…she was happy, Anne was happy, and so was I.

Today, while I went to Housing and Sheltering Committee meetings in Amherst town hall and to the doctor, My darling friend Carmen stepped up.  All is going well.  My other friend, Floria, is coming up to go with us to Cape Cod to see it…so, I think it will be a good ending after all.

Do not feel sorry for me…I am going to San Diego and Carlsbad, California and Las Vegas at the end of September with my BFFF’s (college mates) and I am going to have a ball.

So life sometimes throws a curve ball (a rather small one ) but, it gets a home run anyway! 

My grandchildren are all beautiful and happy. My daughter is doing well and I really like (and love) the man she chose to marry…what blessings!

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