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The Move…

I moved! For some people, this is “so?” Big deal ! Well, as someone in her 60’s this is traumatic. Since January 2010, I have moved 3 times.

i am happy. Moving is change

I know this is a great move because I am planning to hang pictures ( even my “Long Island Teacher of the Year” award!) even my many plaques ( that have never hung anywhere!)

The new sounds are soothing and they feel good. My place is so nicely spread out, I feel like I am in a different ” wing” of my home sometimes. And there, my use of “home” and not house.
I was asked if I am not “over sheltered”? NO I AM NOT. I need to have space in my life at this time. I think if you find peace and a feeling of well being, you are where you belong.

I still have some boxes (books,ancestral stuff and SHOES & PURSES!) I did not know I had so many of either. I don’t know if I even like them. Well, we have The Survival Center, Goodwill,etc. so, I will make some decisions and give things in good condition away.

Well, let me get up, get ready to go to TEXAS! Blog out!

I am awake this morning anticipating my trip to Texas! Although probably not my favorite state. But, it did award my daughter, Whitney Battle-Baptiste, her Ph.D! ( University of Texas -Austin), my cousin Pamela( 2nd cousin ), her mother & father, Helen and Rodney, her brother ( also my Godson) Keith and his wife Carol, my closest cousin, Sandra and “Mom” ( actually her Mother!)Theda. Who’s like my Mom. All these factors make Texas even more appealing.

Also, next week is a BFFFF meet. Best Friends From Fredonia(State University)Forever. We enjoy vacations together! We have know each other since 18 years old( my cousin, Sandra and I go back to toddler times) and now we are all retired and collecting Social Security! We love spending time together. I will speak more of this on a later blog. But understand, this is very special. To know someone this long is amazing and life strengthening! Our only sadness I’d that we lost Ruthie’s husband Waverly last year (2012) suddenly. He was a BFFFF! So he is always with us and his wife of 45 years sheds a tear once in a while ( and we often join her). But, she has finished and published one book”The Hoodless Klan”. A “fictionalized” account of what could happen in a school in Georgia when people who thought you were white, find out you are Black ( with a Jewish Mom)!!!more about that later. She is finishing another book entitled so far as ” Humor in Grief”. I cannot wait to read this and give it to others!

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