Why not me?..

After watching the Super Bowl ( or slaughter), I heard the phrase that Russell Wilson ( quarterback for the winning Seattle Seahawks) said from hides Dad. ” why not you…?”

No one that knows football expected the Broncos and Peyton not to show up.

The only ones sure Seattle would win was Seattle!  And they were RIGHT!!!

Life can be that unpredictable. One must be prepared for the unexpected, the unexplainable, the unattainable, the impossible dream… Why not you?

if we could learn to relax more and accept the unexpected things thrown at us, we would probably get through most things unscathed. That does not mean not to try,but accept what shows up and deal accordingly.

Bamboo always survives because it bends with the wind and most other force. It also can survive for a while without water, uprooted temporarily, and ignored by others. It has a resilience that is admirable and practical.

I thought this Super Bowl would be a close one. But, I really thought the Broncos would win- they were experienced, Peyton is a superior Quarterback….and this is the YEAR OF THE HORSE….

Why not you????!!!!


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