What kind of day is Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a partner?
Even when I had someone special, sometimes they were not really into being special toward me. I am not whinning about it, just facing the reality.
So, I have always made Valentine’s day about me, my family, those special in my life and happy about LOVE!
Love is a special thing. It is definitely good for your heart, your health, your outlook….. I love LOVE. Please all who have mates show them love. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse because there are always lots of cards with hearts on them that are readily available!
But, use this day to reflect about your feelings about your partner. What are the things that made you think about them even when you were not together. Why did you want to be with them more and more?
Relationships are built on the willingness of the participants to work at them (no matter what else is going on in your life!)
So continue to build and work at something worthwhile.
Be positive, be happy, be grateful for having someone in your life that you can celebrate with a Valentine!


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