I’ve Gone to the Dark Side!

I gave up my IPHONE today in exchange for a Galaxy4S! I was hyperventilating through the whole long process.
Apple marketing made me angry. I could not keep my blue tooth until I upgraded my phone to the new 7OS. You say simple- not really. When I synced my IPHONE with my desktop all the photos on the desktop went to my IPhone. Not a problem until the upgrade happened! There was a complication because I didn’t have the space and I could not remove photos that were not taken by my IPhone…
I was told to make an appointment with Apple and they would come down and help me bring the desktop in . I could not do it right away.
Coming back from New York on last Wednesday, my blue tooth disconnected. Siri (the talking system that comes with IPhone) told me I could reconnect if I upgraded to 7OS! It is night, I am driving from NY to Mass.alone.
When I called Applecare, the tech was very condescending and said that was not possible- I am a “mac” person; but, I know Apple does try to push you like that.
I saw this as a sign from the Tech God’s that it was a time for a change. I thought about it for two days…then I entered the Verizon and told my story.
Now I have an ANDROID and i love it!


I thought I spotted an apple with a bite
out of it following me… but, that’s another story.


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