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The Oscars!?

Lupita! 12 Years a Slave! Wow. I was thrilled that I stayed up this time! Yes, Mathew McConaughey played an incredible role and was changed for the better.
But, 12 Years a Slave will resound in Hollywood.¬† Why? Because¬† this type of movie may get a Sundance nod…but, an Oscar???
This gives me hope. I will leave it as just hope. You fill in the blank.
My god sister,  Dr. Yaba Blay,  has a book ” One Drop”. Changing the lens on race. She is currently working on “Pretty. Period”. You know the expression, “You are pretty for a Black girl”!!! Watch out for this project.
My daughter, Whitney Battle-Baptiste,  does work on Race and Gender. So many of our scholars and up and coming scholars are doing real work and are changing the conversation on race.
And, then there is Lupita! Just about everyone sane thinks she is beautiful and she is! For all our gorgeous little Black girls growing up, you ARE BEAUTIFUL! Changing the talk on race.
So, there is still so much work to do.  But, I am hopeful….

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