Happy Mother’s Day

What a wonderful wish to all the mother’s -brand new and older- grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, close friends.
My mother died just before Mother’s Day 1999. But, there were so many Happy Mother’s Days.  My mother was my inspiration, my go to person when I had to check some move I was about to make; when I needed to vent; when I just needed love… I am grateful for the time we had and all the memories I will keep.
I am also elated when I watch my own daughter, Whitney, as an incredible mother. No matter how busy she is, she always stops and hugs or listens to each of her three children.
My family has a new Mom- Sable Weir ( my cousin, Sandra daughter). So glad Sandra is experiencing “grandmotherhood”. It is the best!
I am grateful that I still have other mothers.
Miss Kay, who always makes me happy. My Aunt Theda- is there for me with a smile or a tender word.
My godmother, Oseye, who gives me religious advice and is always a great sounding board.
My Ojo Bona Lorraine. You helped to fill a big void that Mama Wambui left ( she took a piece of my heart.) Thank you for being there for me.
I miss Mama Robinson, another Mom who transitioned. Who I really miss also.
Let us celebrate this day. Let us appreciate all the mothers that are here and those we still remember. What a great holiday! One celebrated all over the world… because all mothers are special. ..yay, moms!!!!

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