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The 49th BFFFF’S Vacay!

I am preparing to land from my vacation with my college friends of 49 years. .. before we married or had children or blazed the many trails we blazed.
I really appreciate you Sandra (my cousin & college mate who after teaching English decided to become a lawyer! ), Marshan, the organized and adventurous one ( she had a 65 Mustang! Went off to teach in Wash, DC) Then worked in corporate America all over the world.And Ruthie ( who married the love of her life at 19. And they both blazed trails on Wall St & Education). And me. Educator who left to try the corporate life…and returned to education until retirement.
To know and love friends for 49 years ( my cousin all my life) is wonderful. We are there for each other in troubled times ( loss of a mate like Sandra and Ruth) or illness…
We have lived vivid and interesting lifetimes. We have laughed and cried together…and we still want to see each other at least twice a year!
Value the friendships you make in college and beyond, treasure those people who were¬† special to you and you might end up in different places (Texas, Massachusetts,¬† New York and Florida) anxious to find one place to come together and laugh and love each other! Thank you BFFFF’S for the first 49 years and more to come!

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