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Black Lives Matter…

The grand jury did not indict Wilson even for involuntary manslaighter… Really? ? We do not matter in this country. Marissa Alexander served time for protecting herself and her child… she shot into the ceiling… what is it going to take for our youth, our people, our race. .. to count in this country???
I cannot even type with one finger.
I am so sorry Michael Brown’s family and friends… I am so sorry youth that things have not changed in this country young people….

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Election of 2014

As I reflect on the past mid-term election, I try not to sigh too hard. The Republicans worked their show… they know that many people DO NOT VOTE… first, there is gerrymandering of area after 2010 census.  ( many people of color try not to respond to the census- thus keeping our numbers down ).
Next, they re-named the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” so they could take one of the most important pieces of legislation for all people and make many hate it. Worked on trying to repeal it.
Racism is so not over… look at how they treat him and his incredible wife… the office of the President of the United States of America (Leader of the Free World).
If you travel outside the U.S., you realize how much respect President Obama has in the world. Pres. G.W.Bush destroyed our credibilty. People in South America,  Europe, the Caribbean- even Canada think our current president is awesome.
I do not agree with everything the President does. But, we more jobs every month since his presidency; the stock market has come back; even real estate in coming back;many more people are insured and healthier; we are out of Afghanistan AND our gas prices are going down.
Just think if Congress had helped him what could have been????
I hope he stops deportation and works on immigration reform ( including the road to citizenship).
But, what makes people vote against their own self interest??  We have become so dependent on the media that we do not research anything ( although information is easily available
at the touch of one’s fingers). We believe everything they say on TV, radio,  social media. ..Are we going going toward “1984”?? Absolutely! When are we ever going to begin to think again…

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