Good bye my right hip…

On February 10th I underwent surgery to remove my painful arthritic right hip and replace it. I was in the hospital for 3 days and in rehab for another 7….
Going home was scary because I live alone. But, I am not alone. A friend came from New York City to spend my first week with me. She cooked and helped me walk to another friend’s car to the doctor. The following week, another friend came from Long Island and spent my second week with me.
I had incredible Visiting Nurse Association Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Home health worker to help me shower.  Wow, these people made me feel good and inspired every week. They said my house was safe for the walker. This helps one’s psychological health enormously.
Then came visitors…in the hospital, in the rehabilitation place….I had so many visitors they had to add chairs. Family, friends, my housekeeper ( who is also a friend ). More came to my home. They brought homemade soup, healthy snacks, delicious dishes, flowers, plants, cards and lots of LOVE & CARING!
When you must stay in and heal, you have a long time to think about life, friends, taxes, will I have a limp?, etc.
It is calming and warming. No, I did not get stir crazy…I was grateful..grateful that I have good health insurance, a home in which to  recuperate,people calling me from all over the United States to wish me well, a daughter and son-in-law who shop for me and get shower benches and put chairs together so I can sit comfortably and have company, grandchildren who come to hug me and a granddaughter who makes me a “healing butterfly” to put up.
I appreciate all the wealth of good people, family, friends who reached out with cards, calls, gifts and visits.
On top of it all…I now have a bionic right hip and cannot wait to dance to the drums again!

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