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Proud Mother…

I know most who read my blog are aware that I am proud of my daughter. But, lately I want this pride in cyberspace forever.
The two of us lived through much- some great experiences and some not so great ones. Even when my daughter was not doing everything I thought she should ( and how many teenagers do?), I found her to be KIND. Kind to children younger; kind to those ostracized by others; just kind.
So, even in the more tense moments of our lives, her kindness showed up always.
Of course,  she went on to finish school ( got her PhD!), marry an incredible man and give me and three wonderful grandchildren!
She wrote a book. Black Feminist Archeaology, which I read from cover to cover! I found it interesting and understandable!
I read all her articles, go to see her speak whenever I can.  I do this because she is interesting and I genuinely enjoy her presentstions.
She is an incredible teacher. She cares about her students and pushes them to do all they are capable of doing.
I do not think I tell her enough how much pride I have in the woman, wife, mother, scholar, advocate she has become.
I had big dreams for her. She surpassed all my dreams and has gone beyond anything I could have imagined.
So, I am saying publicly and with much pride. I AM PROUD OF YOU… Whitney Battle-Baptiste!!!!
I cannot begin to imagine how much more she will accomplish. But, I know it will be amazing, important and awesome.
Your proud Mother…

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