Proud Mother…

I know most who read my blog are aware that I am proud of my daughter. But, lately I want this pride in cyberspace forever.
The two of us lived through much- some great experiences and some not so great ones. Even when my daughter was not doing everything I thought she should ( and how many teenagers do?), I found her to be KIND. Kind to children younger; kind to those ostracized by others; just kind.
So, even in the more tense moments of our lives, her kindness showed up always.
Of course,  she went on to finish school ( got her PhD!), marry an incredible man and give me and three wonderful grandchildren!
She wrote a book. Black Feminist Archeaology, which I read from cover to cover! I found it interesting and understandable!
I read all her articles, go to see her speak whenever I can.  I do this because she is interesting and I genuinely enjoy her presentstions.
She is an incredible teacher. She cares about her students and pushes them to do all they are capable of doing.
I do not think I tell her enough how much pride I have in the woman, wife, mother, scholar, advocate she has become.
I had big dreams for her. She surpassed all my dreams and has gone beyond anything I could have imagined.
So, I am saying publicly and with much pride. I AM PROUD OF YOU… Whitney Battle-Baptiste!!!!
I cannot begin to imagine how much more she will accomplish. But, I know it will be amazing, important and awesome.
Your proud Mother…

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    Kathleen said,

    To ‘Proud Mom’….we pat ourselves on the back for the wonderful accomplishments that our children achieve………but to you, I say, I applaud you for you have been and will always be an inspiring role model in so many lives of young and old. Whitney had you, as her Mom, to watch, to feel, to love and to maintain so many acquired values and morals of truth, respect and honor that it is no wonder, nor surprise that she, Whitney, would flourish as a budding flower in every season of her life. Our lifestyles as parents, are seen through the eyes of our children, in good as well as not-so-good instances, but our children can rummage through those experiences and make choices for themselves to be the same, to be better or to fail. Whitney, in some ways has mirrored you and in other ways she has grown into this beautiful flower of pure essence that has spiraled into joy and happiness, greater achievements and much success. I send my love and blessings to the two of you and though I do not know Whitney personally, I know that she has a dynamic Mom who has a daughter that is so similar in some ways and that ‘they are both’ amazing women!

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      Kathleen, coming from you, I am still tearing up…thank you. Your story is one I have always admired. took lemons and made gourmet lemonade! It was good to be surrounded by fellow warriors# I live you!

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