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Social Media + or –?

I often ponder when I read tweets, are they so shallow because of the brevity one must use or are people really just shallow.
Many people my age ( I am collecting Social Security) think social media is limited, with no real information. Why don’t those young people watch the news. I have news for them. Young people never really watched the news;and, when they did, there was not a lot of  competition day and night. There was no cable and you would get the national anthem past a certain hour.
Also, our commentators had integrity. People like  Walter Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley,  Edward R. Morrow, and so on.
True, stories were judged by middle class, middle aged white males.  But, even not having enough information on a particular group or ethnicity or gender,etc. they still felt they owed us as much truth and integrity as they could.
I don’t know of I would recommend the major  channels or Fox news as an actual information source for young people. But, they must have some background in order to think and/ or take a position. I use both and I still feel
lacking in information.
Most people yell about rights, but do not know the U.S.Constitution’s Bill of Rights at all.
We have adapted many things to fit a different world from 1789…But these were written to protect citizens FROM the government power. For example, in Kentucky, the first amendment promises citizens will be protected  from government intervention in religion. It did not say, if someone has a belief that does not work with the law, that official can use his/ her office to break it…
My point is in this information age, we the people are VERY MISINFORMED.
I sincerely hope this changes. Because many groups like Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Women,Gay and Transgender people are not really protected well by the law..thus it gets even worse because people are only obligated to express themselves is so few words. Shakespeare said “brevity is the soul of wit”. Really???

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