Xenophobia is an important word today..it means a fear of foreigners. Not a normal fear, an irrational  fear…
This country is made up of immigrants. When Europeans wanted to come here, there was some discrimination against certain Europeans. The English and French could come in large numbers..the Irish not so many. Many Eastern Europeans had to wait ( especially dispatched Jews). And let us not forget the rejection in 1939 Jew

s that we sent back…over half of them died in camps!
I know many realize if you are from Cuba, you got a pass into the United States (especially fairer skinned ones). But, if you are Haitian, just go back to Haiti…
How did we go from people coming for religious freedom to stopping ALL MUSLIMS???
This is a form of “xenophobia” that can only get worse with time.
Now, I realize that the population of the United States is not going to be majority white in the near future. It will be majority of those of the global majority ( basically people of color). This could be frightening but, not because of any terrorist threat. Since the majority of violence toward Americans in the U.S. is committed by white males. 9/11 was horrible. I am a New Yorker who lived  through 9/11. We are trying to forget that day…the rest of you want to remember it!
But, from Tim McVeigh  (Oklahom. bombing) to all the school shootings were perpetrated by white males (99% or so). So of who am I afraid?
“750,000 refugees have been resettled in the United States since 9/11. Not one has been arrested on domestic terrorism charges”.. The Economist.
Nothing, No one can make you completely safe. So, giving up freedoms and rights in the name of safety IS NOT THE ANSWER!
One man (white from England) had a shoe bomb on a plane that did not work. As a result, we all have to take off our shoes (until we are 75 years old!). Do we feel safer  because of that? I doubt it.
The sad part of my thoughts is that I do not think this will get better. I think people in this country will continue to disgrace our open arms for those seeking freedom and safety if they are Muslims and/ or people of color…
Because we as a country feel more comfortable with xenophobia than living up to our “values”….

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