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Political Climate and Anxiety…

The Election of 2016 seems to have started years ago. Too many candidates (Republican) too much time before the actual election….
I have taught U.S. politics most of my life. I am really glad that I am retired now. Why? Because I would have to actually follow ALL THE CANDIDATES, and  watch the debates…oh the agony I would have had to endure!

What can we do to change this???? We could really think serous about passing a Constitutional amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gets rid of the Electoral College. WHY??? Because this is what closes out all Third parties. Remember it was Third parties that pushed successfully for a minimize wage, sick leave, shorter hours- too many things to name in one little blog.
But, with the Electoral College, we cannot even think of the possibility of a viable candidate that is not part of the two established parties. As a result, we find ourselves choosing the least bad of two evils for the President of the United States! How limiting for a “democracy”!
But, the possibilities are endless. We could elect a real person of the people…one who understands struggle, climate change, workers rights, problems of the elderly (those with few resources), the need for promoting early education for all children…there is not enough room for all the things that do not get explored.
We might even call the media to task for only covering the loudest one…

As I read in an editorial in the Hampshire Daily Gazette, an editorial by Rev. Andrea Ayvazian entitled ” We must be better than this”, I am so aware of how far we have come and how so much has stayed the same when it comes to race. If we could make  changes on how we perceive race  and politics, it would make all the difference.
I, too, have a dream that we ARE better than this….maybe

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