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Progressive Democrats of America

At a meeting of the PDA (Progressive Democrats of America) in Northampton. Just heard Jim Hightower ( populist progressive from Texas) speak.
Bernie Sanders ( Sen. From Vt) just spoke. He is phenomenal human being!  What an experience.
There is a media panel with Thom Hartman (of radio fame) , Miami Kennedy, actress & activist, etc.
Most if the people here are over 50 – many over 60+…. where are the young people???

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Town Meeting Spring 2014

I am sitting in the Middle School listening to warrants being read – it is called “Town Meeting” . It is the old fashioned New England Town Meeting!
I believe it is a good way to govern. It has its drawbacks… In an environment where people are opinionated, there is often lots and discussion and sometimes to the nth degree. There is a saying,  “the only thing silent in Amherst is the “h”….
It is really interesting and wonderful! I know a few people who are new to Town Meeting and excited about it!
Go citizens!!!!

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Massachusetts State Convention and me.

I will be a delegate this June to the Democratic Convention. For my former students and good friends this is no real surprise. I believe in “Participation in Government”!
We are getting ready to elect a Governor, Lt.Governor, Attorney General… I find this exciting and important. The system is far from perfect…but, I am pleased that I will be a participant.
More to follow….

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The Oscars!?

Lupita! 12 Years a Slave! Wow. I was thrilled that I stayed up this time! Yes, Mathew McConaughey played an incredible role and was changed for the better.
But, 12 Years a Slave will resound in Hollywood.  Why? Because  this type of movie may get a Sundance nod…but, an Oscar???
This gives me hope. I will leave it as just hope. You fill in the blank.
My god sister,  Dr. Yaba Blay,  has a book ” One Drop”. Changing the lens on race. She is currently working on “Pretty. Period”. You know the expression, “You are pretty for a Black girl”!!! Watch out for this project.
My daughter, Whitney Battle-Baptiste,  does work on Race and Gender. So many of our scholars and up and coming scholars are doing real work and are changing the conversation on race.
And, then there is Lupita! Just about everyone sane thinks she is beautiful and she is! For all our gorgeous little Black girls growing up, you ARE BEAUTIFUL! Changing the talk on race.
So, there is still so much work to do.  But, I am hopeful….

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I’ve Gone to the Dark Side!

I gave up my IPHONE today in exchange for a Galaxy4S! I was hyperventilating through the whole long process.
Apple marketing made me angry. I could not keep my blue tooth until I upgraded my phone to the new 7OS. You say simple- not really. When I synced my IPHONE with my desktop all the photos on the desktop went to my IPhone. Not a problem until the upgrade happened! There was a complication because I didn’t have the space and I could not remove photos that were not taken by my IPhone…
I was told to make an appointment with Apple and they would come down and help me bring the desktop in . I could not do it right away.
Coming back from New York on last Wednesday, my blue tooth disconnected. Siri (the talking system that comes with IPhone) told me I could reconnect if I upgraded to 7OS! It is night, I am driving from NY to Mass.alone.
When I called Applecare, the tech was very condescending and said that was not possible- I am a “mac” person; but, I know Apple does try to push you like that.
I saw this as a sign from the Tech God’s that it was a time for a change. I thought about it for two days…then I entered the Verizon and told my story.
Now I have an ANDROID and i love it!


I thought I spotted an apple with a bite
out of it following me… but, that’s another story.

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What kind of day is Valentine’s Day when you don’t have a partner?
Even when I had someone special, sometimes they were not really into being special toward me. I am not whinning about it, just facing the reality.
So, I have always made Valentine’s day about me, my family, those special in my life and happy about LOVE!
Love is a special thing. It is definitely good for your heart, your health, your outlook….. I love LOVE. Please all who have mates show them love. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse because there are always lots of cards with hearts on them that are readily available!
But, use this day to reflect about your feelings about your partner. What are the things that made you think about them even when you were not together. Why did you want to be with them more and more?
Relationships are built on the willingness of the participants to work at them (no matter what else is going on in your life!)
So continue to build and work at something worthwhile.
Be positive, be happy, be grateful for having someone in your life that you can celebrate with a Valentine!

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Why not me?..

After watching the Super Bowl ( or slaughter), I heard the phrase that Russell Wilson ( quarterback for the winning Seattle Seahawks) said from hides Dad. ” why not you…?”

No one that knows football expected the Broncos and Peyton not to show up.

The only ones sure Seattle would win was Seattle!  And they were RIGHT!!!

Life can be that unpredictable. One must be prepared for the unexpected, the unexplainable, the unattainable, the impossible dream… Why not you?

if we could learn to relax more and accept the unexpected things thrown at us, we would probably get through most things unscathed. That does not mean not to try,but accept what shows up and deal accordingly.

Bamboo always survives because it bends with the wind and most other force. It also can survive for a while without water, uprooted temporarily, and ignored by others. It has a resilience that is admirable and practical.

I thought this Super Bowl would be a close one. But, I really thought the Broncos would win- they were experienced, Peyton is a superior Quarterback….and this is the YEAR OF THE HORSE….

Why not you????!!!!

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The Move…

I moved! For some people, this is “so?” Big deal ! Well, as someone in her 60’s this is traumatic. Since January 2010, I have moved 3 times.

i am happy. Moving is change

I know this is a great move because I am planning to hang pictures ( even my “Long Island Teacher of the Year” award!) even my many plaques ( that have never hung anywhere!)

The new sounds are soothing and they feel good. My place is so nicely spread out, I feel like I am in a different ” wing” of my home sometimes. And there, my use of “home” and not house.
I was asked if I am not “over sheltered”? NO I AM NOT. I need to have space in my life at this time. I think if you find peace and a feeling of well being, you are where you belong.

I still have some boxes (books,ancestral stuff and SHOES & PURSES!) I did not know I had so many of either. I don’t know if I even like them. Well, we have The Survival Center, Goodwill,etc. so, I will make some decisions and give things in good condition away.

Well, let me get up, get ready to go to TEXAS! Blog out!

I am awake this morning anticipating my trip to Texas! Although probably not my favorite state. But, it did award my daughter, Whitney Battle-Baptiste, her Ph.D! ( University of Texas -Austin), my cousin Pamela( 2nd cousin ), her mother & father, Helen and Rodney, her brother ( also my Godson) Keith and his wife Carol, my closest cousin, Sandra and “Mom” ( actually her Mother!)Theda. Who’s like my Mom. All these factors make Texas even more appealing.

Also, next week is a BFFFF meet. Best Friends From Fredonia(State University)Forever. We enjoy vacations together! We have know each other since 18 years old( my cousin, Sandra and I go back to toddler times) and now we are all retired and collecting Social Security! We love spending time together. I will speak more of this on a later blog. But understand, this is very special. To know someone this long is amazing and life strengthening! Our only sadness I’d that we lost Ruthie’s husband Waverly last year (2012) suddenly. He was a BFFFF! So he is always with us and his wife of 45 years sheds a tear once in a while ( and we often join her). But, she has finished and published one book”The Hoodless Klan”. A “fictionalized” account of what could happen in a school in Georgia when people who thought you were white, find out you are Black ( with a Jewish Mom)!!!more about that later. She is finishing another book entitled so far as ” Humor in Grief”. I cannot wait to read this and give it to others!

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I follow a wonderful and inspiring blog called “Mark and Angel Hack Life”. It addresses things such as things successful people do; things happy people do; forgiving people you hate the most…well you get the thrust.

I am moving. Just saying that puts me in a negative and/or lethargic state. PACKING…it is one of my least favorite things in life. If I could burn everything and start fresh…but, I really like unpacking. I have a few brave people who have offered to help me. But, in the final analysis, it is ME who must decide what goes and what doesn’t.

I am grateful that I have the ability to move, the funds to make it happen and mostly, I will be in a place that is better for me! So every time I get ready to cry, complain, moan; I try to count my blessings and grab the bubble wrap and newspapers and pack something else.

When I move, I will be back in touch. I will also try to remind myself about handling stress ( what I talk to others about in my life coaching) and pack on for wonderful and positive change!

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